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It isn't until people have been through a mediation process that they really appreciate the unique power of this win-win approach. Our Managing Director, David Jackson, reflects on his experience of seeing transformations take place.

Mediation can be an intimidating process to enter into. Whilst those of us who have experienced the amazing power of mediation advocate it being used regularly and as soon as a conflict begins to emerge, the reality is that mediators are often brought in as a last resort. This means that by the time mediation begins, the parties involved may already feel scarred and wounded by a conflict that has gone on for far too long.

Conflict in organisations is natural and a source of crucial challenge, creativity and better decision making. When it becomes clear though that a conflict is not a constructive one, waiting to bring in a mediator can cause more damage. Organisations that have begun to introduce mediation as a first response, rather than a last resort, have seen people become more comfortable with the notion of a mediator and have seen the parties become passionate advocates for it. I can say truthfully that nobody I have worked with as a mediator has regretted entering into the process. There are times when mediation hasn't delivered the result people had hoped for, but it has always brought a new sense of clarity and tangible improvements.

So how do we move further towards adopting mediation as a first response rather than a last resort? I am a firm believer that you can't fully explain the power of mediation to people; it needs to be experienced. This means that one of my goals as a mediator is not only to help the parties I am working with, but to show them how they can use the principles in their work with others. Mediation always helps people with the problem they are experiencing, but often also helps them with their own personal development and growth.

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