A welcome message from our Founder and Principal Consultant David Jackson FCIPD, FRSA

I founded Twin Kingdom Consulting as a platform on which I could help individuals and organisations to accelerate their understanding and adoption of Industry 4.0 ways of working. What I had found was that people were struggling to make the leap from the amazing new technology to what it would actually mean for their business. 

The reason that this is so challenging is that we are applying Industry 3.0 thinking in an Industry 4.0 world. 

The technology is an essential part of the newly emerging world of work, but we also require a new mindset, new principles, new approaches to education and to collaboration. We need to be ready to move away from ideas that have not only delivered for us in the past but have actually defined what it is to be in business. 

After graduating with a BA Hons in Philosophy, I joined the UK Civil Service Fast Stream programme and worked in Whitehall for 10 years. During this time I had the privilege of working directly with Secretaries of State, Permanent Secretaries and Directors General as we modernised policy and large scale public service delivery systems.  Much of this work involved partnering with major firms including EDS, Cap Gemini and McKinsey.

On graduating with an MSc in Human Resources, I then moved into the National Health Service as Assistant Director at Stockport NHS Foundation Trust - a busy acute hospital in South Manchester. In this role I was able to lead the modernisation of our employees service functions, work on mergers and TUPE transfers and lead on the workforce elements of a £15m cost reduction programme.

Before founding Twin Kingdom Consulting I spent five years working in the UK Higher Education sector as Associate Director of HR. This work enabled me to get heavily involved in Industry 4.0 themes and work closely with CIPD and others on the future of work agenda. 

In addition to my consulting work, I am an Enterprise Advisor to a sixth form college in Stockport and a member of the Advisory Board to the Decent Work & Productivity Research Centre based at Manchester Metropolitan University.

The changes that really transform our businesses always begin with a speculative conversation, so please call me direct on 0749 306 8574 for a no obligation chat about what's on your mind.  

David Jackson

Founder and Principal Consultant

Twin Kingdom Consulting