Haleh Moravej

Haleh Moravej (@halehmoravej) is the 2018 National Teaching Fellow and a multi-award winning senior lecturer in Nutritional Sciences at Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU), a nutrition entrepreneur, senior food consultant at Manchester Food Research Centre, as well a highly experienced media nutritionist. 

Haleh has worked extensively in the media, featuring regularly on Rip of Britain, Truth or Scare, Channel 5 News, BBC Breakfast News, BBC Radio Sheffield and Manchester, BBC Radio 5, Granada Television and Calendar News in Sheffield. Haleh has also written numerous nutrition and health articles for local and national magazines and newspapers.  

Haleh’s specialist areas of research are food and mood, food choice, and food sustainability in private and commercial settings. Haleh has pioneered a highly creative and innovative program of nutritional intervention that examines how individuals’ diets, and other lifestyle behaviours, interact with the risk for mental health problems. Haleh is the clinical advisor to Anxiety UK and has worked with GMP, Manchester Council, the Science and Industry Museum and National Association of Care Home Catering to name a few.  

As a senior food consultant for the Manchester Food Research Centre, Haleh has worked with small to medium size enterprises, and has been instrumental in many brands going from inception all the way to supermarket shelves. Her recent research projects include future food trends, healthy diets and exploring links between health, nutrition, food waste and sustainability.

Haleh is also the creative entrepreneurand founder of MetMUnch, an international award-winning, student led social enterprise that brings community, creativity, employability and sustainability together, whilst enhancing the student experience at MMU. (www.metmunch.com)

In recognition of Haleh’s excellence in outstanding teaching for entrepreneurship, sustainability and employability, she has won several awards since starting teaching in 2007. These include the MMU Union Best Teacher of the Year 2012; National and International EAUC Green Gown Award Winners in Student Engagement 2014 for MetMUnch; UnLtd/ HEFCE SEE Changemakers: Social Enterprise Outstanding Achievement Award 2017; MMU Union Outstanding Teaching for Employability Winner 2016 and was nominated for the Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurship (IOEE)Intrapreneur of the year award in 2018.