HR Investigations


Expert Independent Investigations Service

Perhaps the most time consuming, costly, and emotionally difficult job a manager can be given is to undertake an HR investigation. Taking one of your senior managers off their day job to attempt to undertake an investigation will almost always do more harm than good.  

By engaging Twin Kingdom Consulting, you can simply outsource the distraction, pain and risks of an investigation whilst your managers get on with delivering what they are best at. 

We only engage investigators who are Fellows of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, or have equivalent recognition from a big hitting organisation such as ACAS or the Police. 

Our daily rate will probably be higher than the daily salary of one of your own managers, but the investigation will be faster, higher quality and completely independent. If you are interested in influencing the outcome of the investigation, please look elsewhere. 

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What You get

Bullet Proof Terms of Reference


The biggest mistake most companies make with HR investigations is having ambiguous terms of reference, ours will be rock solid and clear.

Face to Face on site investigations sessions


We can work remotely if absolutely necessary, but will always prioritise face to face investigator meetings.

Professionally Prepared Evidence Packs


As well as giving confidence to everybody involved, professional organisation and presentation of the evidence packs will impress Employment Tribunals.

Comprehensive Investigation Report


Writing an investigation report requires a very particular skill set. Our reports are comprehensive, fair and include clear rationale to back up our findings.

Attendance at Formal Hearings


In addition to the report itself, a formal hearing panel may wish to question an investigator. Our expert investigators are very experienced in this regard.

High Quality Hard Copy and Electronic Copies


Electronic copies are useful, but important reports of this nature also warrant high quality printed and bound hard copy versions.